Rummaging in the Geek Culture Toolbox

ICIDS 2011 Workshop

Organizer: Christopher Tihor
When & Where: 9.30 am to 12.00pm, SFU Surrey room # 2710
Intended Audience: The intended audience of this workshop would be writers, narrative designers, and other people involved in the creation of IDS on a practical level or those with an interest in that direction. Attendees should be willing to actively participate in the exercises which may require improvisational role-playing, basic drawing skills and an active imagination. A basic familiarity with geek culture is useful, but not necessary.

Call for Workshop Participation

Have you ever wondered how you can put those long nights of sitting around your kitchen table with your friends playing an elf wizard to good and practical use? Are you intrigued by the succinct prose that emerges from the pages of the comic section of your newspaper? Do you sometimes find yourself in a rut when writing stories for interactive digital media? If you answered yes to any of these questions then this is the workshop for you. Join us as we delve deeply into geek culture and extract a glittering bounty of tools and techniques that you can apply to your next foray into interactive digital storytelling. 20-sided dice optional.